Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops

What people are saying...

"The low budget zombie genre may have reached saturation point a long time ago but Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops injects the genre with some much needed adrenaline and that sure fire concept that makes anything and everything a hundred times better: ninjas." Cool Target: Action Movie Reviews

"I’ll be honest, I had no clue what to expect from this movie, but it is a fun, action-packed ride from start to finish. If you’re looking for a heavy, serious zombie drama, you should probably look somewhere else. This movie is all about completely uncorked, ridiculous, out of control action, zombie fun." DistractedBlogger.com

"If you couldn’t tell from the title, the team behind Zombie Ninjas decided to throw some martial arts into the mix and the result is a fun mashup action movie." Everything Action

"From top to bottom, Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops is an all-out gonzo bit of fanfare for the B-movie crowd..." Film Combat Syndicate

"It is a fun watch in the style of the classic old martial arts films you remember from Saturday afternoon TV." Rogue Cinema

"This is an action movie for the Call Of Duty generation, where people aren’t scared to mix genres and ideas just to see what happens. In this case, what happens is an entertaining balls to walls slugfest from start to finish that manages to do something very rare in this day and age: do something fun AND original." Action A Go Go

"We were fortunate enough to get a chance to ask the films director Rody Claude a few questions about himself and also his film and we encourage all of our readers to track down a copy to watch as it’s always great to support locally made Australian films and one suspects that this wont be the last time we see these Zombie Ninjas on screen heading into the future." Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

"Yes, you are reading the title right, it does indeed say Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops. That title alone made this movie worth reviewing and wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t believe how much fun I had watching it as well. I’ll say one thing for sure, this is not something you see every day in the world of movies. What we have here is a pure action movie that incorporates zombies to try and bring some horror fans into the fold. Combing two genres is actually a good idea and for the most part, this movie manages to pull it off." Geek Chic Elite

"[Perkins and Palelei] were awesome as hero and villain [...] The fight scenes were really well done for a movie without a big studio budget behind it, and I found myself waiting in suspense for one of the zombie ninjas to show up..."
Geek Mundo

Have a listen to the Zombie Director, Rody Claude, and lead actors Adam T. Perkins and Soa "The Hulk" Palelei in this podcast with Action A Go Go and Debatable.

"But let's be honest and talk about the action scenes. Thanks to the magic of editing and talents of actors and stuntmen in the film, we have the right to magnificent action scenes. In recent impressive while the erratic behavior of the zombies offers energy fighting, dynamic, with a timeliness and accuracy recalling Asian cinema. Even at times, Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops manages so much to excel in this field, he manages to match the classics as John Wick or The Raid …" Cinemasculin.com