About Zombie Ninjas

About Zombie Ninjas

Winner No Budget Spirit Top Indie Film Awards 2015

So, you think you know what a f***king zombie ninja is.

You think they’re undead… you’d be right. You think they’re mindless corpses… you’d be onto something. You think they hunger for human flesh and brains… hmmm you just might be right. You think they have no purpose… you think they’re slow and easy to out run… you couldn’t be more wrong! Take it from me, these sh*ts are fast, tough, ferocious, they dodge bullets, they are strong… relentless and they can fight, I mean these f***kers have got skills. What else am I ‘sposed to f**king call ‘em? But I’m here to tell you, this story isn’t just about them.

A.K. out.

In a fiercely competitive arms race exploited by private enterprise, new weaponry is being developed and hidden from public awareness. This series of personal stories takes place today, on Australian shores and spreading across the globe.

Things you should know:

Black Ops
‘Black Operation’ Is a covert operation by government and/or private enterprise, funded by a classified ‘black budget’ of which details are hidden from public and political awareness

Saisei Security
A private security and arms corporation established in Japan with offices expanding the globe

'Tactical Response Group' (an elite tactical assault unit of the local law authority, highly trained and prepared for all conflict situations)

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